Murr Siler & Accomazzo, P.C. - Denver, Colorado Attorneys at Law
Murr Siler & Accomazzo, P.C.
Attorneys at Law
410 17th Street, Suite 2400
Denver, CO 80202-4402
Phone: 303-534-2277
Fax: 303-534-1313
Murr Siler & Accomazzo, P.C. is a Denver, Colorado law firm established in 1992 with practice in the following areas:

Our representative clients include the following:

 Aurora Loan Services LLC
 Cache Bank and Trust
 Capital Crossing
 CityWide Banks
 Clarion Mortgage Capital
 Colorado Association of Mortgage Brokers
 Colorado Mortgage Lending Association
 Lehman Brothers Bank, FSB
 Title America of Denver, Inc.
 Transamerica Life Insurance Co.
 Universal Lending Corporation
 US Bank National Association
 Vectra Bank Colorado, N.A.
 Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
 Westerra Credit Union
 W.S.A. Fraternal Life

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